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Wheel loader with Siljum’s Universal Bucket

Products with quality

Siljum products are popular and widely used. Our most well-known tools are the Multi bucket and Multiplough, both of which are equipped with flaps. The Multi bucket is the original model.

Smart product solutions

With buckets, ploughs and other tools from Siljum you get leading technology and high reliability. Several of our products employ patented solutions that make work more efficient.

Service and support

If you need help, we or our service providers are only a call or email away. We can quickly help you with both answers to questions and ordering of spare parts.

Tools for a more efficient working day

Siljum is one of Sweden’s leading manufacturers of tools for wheel loaders, tractors, construction machinery and other types of tool carriers. Our tool program includes a wide range of buckets, ploughs and forks. Siljum was founded 50 years ago and our experience from the design and manufacture of tools is extensive..

Siljum Multiplog M-Line

M-Line is here!

Siljum’s new snow plow series is M-line and is built in modules. The modular solution is based on a modern design that has resulted in a robust plow with high flexibility at an attractive price.

M-Line is available in four different sizes and designs, from 4 to 4.6 and 5 meters plow width and with a number of options.

Learn more about the Multiplog X-Line series

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