Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about our products. If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact one of our distributers.

The Basic bucket and the D-Edition bucket have the same bucket basket. What differentiates them are the hydraulics and the wing structure. 

The hydraulics are much more lavish on the D-Edition, with two separate hydraulic systems (one for each wing). It features a more powerful cylinder, a crossover block with shocks and an accumulator tank on each side. The Basic bucket has a less powerful cylinder and a common accumulator tank.

The Basic bucket wing is 900 mm and the D-edition bucket wing is 1200 mm. Both wings are sprung and thus always compensate for the angle of attack the driver has selected for the bucket, i.e. the wings lie flat against the ground even if the driver angles the bucket.

There are several product advantages with Siljum’s Universal Bucket. Some examples: Our Universal Buckets have free-moving wings, and since this wing design is patented, it is not available from any other manufacturer. The D-Edition has a more powerful hydraulic solution while Basic is equivalent to other manufacturers’ hydraulic solutions.

With the bucket basket being the same for the Universal Ploughs, you can get the same cutting edges for both the Universal Bucket D-edition and Universal Bucket Basic. Basically, the difference is that when they are mounted by us, the D-edition has asymmetrical cutting edges for outer cutting edges while Basic has standard steel. 

You can choose between smooth and toothed edges for the bucket basket, as well as smooth or perforated end-bent edges for the wings.

To meet our customers’ different needs, we have developed two different planing buckets, Superior and HD.

The Superior planing bucketis available in three different widths and has been developed with the support of SSAB. It features a design with the quality stamp “Hardox in my body”. 

The HD planing bucketis a heavy-duty planing bucket that is available with or without wings. 

If you want to compare our planing buckets with those from other manufacturers, make sure you compare buckets that have the same design and the same choices of material in the bottom plates, wear edges and cutting edges.

We usually say that our ploughs in the X-Line series are the most effective ploughs on the market. By that we mean that the properties of the ploughs meet the requirements for most users’ needs, conditions and work tasks.

The ploughs in the X-line series are heavy enough to rip ice, they have a sprung wing with an aggressive attack angle while the blade on the wing moves freely. The hydraulics are very service friendly because large parts of the system are gathered in a hydraulics box on top of the plough body plate.

Our X-Line ploughs also have dual safety systems – one that is hydraulic and one that has springs. Everything for the safety of the operator.

We at Siljum often talk about safety systems on the ploughs. This means that our ploughs have a system that enables plough blades to properly angle quickly and smoothly after striking an object. In addition, most of our ploughs are equipped with a sprung flap that folds in under the body plate of the plough. The wings have a system that allows them to spring away with the help of the hydraulic system, thanks to shock valves and an accumulator tank.

We can supply smooth and perforated cutting edges for both flaps and wings.