From 1968 to today...

Siljum started out in 1968 in Bygdsiljum, Sweden under the name Verner Perssons Svetsverkstad, producing undercarriages for Norrlandsvagnar. In 1970, the company moved to Burträsk and changed its name to Bröderna Perssons Svetsverkstad.

In 1973, the company moved back to Bygdsiljum, Sweden into what was formerly a potato processing plant. In 1980, larger premises were needed, and the company took over a warehouse at the same site. In the mid-1980s new personnel facilities were built.

In 1987, the company changed its name to Siljum Mekan AB. 1994, the machine park was expanded with power shears, a punch and an edging press. In addition, a new workshop was built with heated storage. The facilities were inaugurated in 1995.

At the end of 2003, Spänningen AB bought the company and the business was subsequently sold in 2013 to Nymek AB in Mjödvattnet.

In March 2015, Nymek AB divided Siljum Mekan into two parts. The decision meant that all subcontracting was placed under Nymek , enabling Siljum Mekan to focus on becoming a pure tool manufacturer.

With the new organisation, Siljum Mekan AB gained the opportunity to fully focus on becoming a leading company in construction equipment. As a part of the further development of the company, only the name Siljum is now used in marketing. This applies from 2019.

Our vision

“Siljum Mekan is a Nordic supplier and leading, high-tech development partner for construction machinery tools. We help to achieve efficient maintenance of city streets, highways and facilities throughout the Nordic region. In the market areas in which we operate, we strive to be the market leader and our customers’ natural first choice.”

Our customers can rely on our equipment in efficiently and sustainability contributing to better infrastructure, efficiently functioning communities and to facilitating people’s everyday lives.

Our slogan is “for a better infrastructure”.

Products for professional users

Siljum’s product line includes the following products:

  1. Universal Buckets, flap buckets
  2. Universal Ploughs
  3. Pallet forks
  4. Diagonal blades
  5. Planing buckets
  6. Rotary ploughs
  7. High tipping buckets

Siljum’s Universal Bucket is the original model of all universal buckets on the market and it is available in two versions and in a wide range of sizes.

The Universal Bucket D-Edition is the flagship model. The D-Edition is the most popular of our buckets and is a true bestseller.

The Universal Bucket Basic is a bucket with a simpler design and corresponds to most other manufacturers’ buckets when it comes to hydraulics and wingspan, for example.

We also manufacture popular planing buckets and high tipping buckets.

On the plough side, our assortment is broad. The product line ranges from, for example, our rotary plough, Tornado to our Universal Ploughs (MP 3000 to MP 5000). The most effective ploughs are available in our new X-Line series as well as the exclusive MP 5000 plough that can be raised and lowered.

It does not stop with just buckets and ploughs. We also manufacture and market pallet forks, both mechanical and hydraulic.

You can find all our products, from A-Z here!