Combi edge plough

The Combi edge plough from Siljum has several uses. A common area of use is ice ripping.


Siljums Combi edge plough has two reversible cutting edges. The design is a rough and a fine ice cutting edge, respectively. The plough can also be equipped with other cutting edges, such as rubber edges. It can also be fitted with a weight box for better ice ripping function.

The Combi edge plough is available in a straight version and in a conical version with a throwing plate that lifts up the snow. The plough weighs about 820 kg.


Weight, approx:820 kg
Total width:3050 mm
Rotation angle:37 degrees, left and right.
Width at max rotation angle:2598 mm

We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice and for any incorrect information.

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