High tipping bucket

Siljum High Tipping Buckets for wheel loaders and tractors are designed to handle materials such as wood chips and shavings, peat and coal up to a volume weight of 800 – 1,000 kg per cubic metre.


Siljum High Tipping Bucket characteristics:

Increases the tipping height by around 1,500 mm.

Siljum High Tipping Buckets are equipped with hydraulic cylinders with end position dampening (applies to all tipping bucket capacities of 3.5 – 12 cubic meters).

This type of tipping bucket design brings many advantages.The risk of wood chips freezing is, for example, minimised due to the clear and open interior of the bucket.

Thanks to the end position dampening, the risk of breaking bearings and bushings is also reduced. The bucket is completely emptied thus maximising penetration and loading regardless of material type.


Volume (kbm)3,53,856,578910 12
Height (mm)143015801780192520002050215021502030
Width (mm)265026502650300030003200320035003800
Depth (mm)157515751575160016001745184518452115
Tipping angle (degrees)909090909090907575
Load weight, ca (kg)160018001900220024502950305031004800

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