Ice rink plow

Siljum Ice Rink Plow IRP 3000 is suitable for plowing of ice rinks using a tractor or skid-steer loader of up to 6,000 kg in weight. Comes with a welded on, practical goal lifting device.


Siljum Ice Rink Plow is 3,000 mm wide and when fitted with a SMS Tool Carrier, weighs about 490 kg.

The IRP 3000 features a double-acting hydraulic cylinder that allows for a turning radius of +/-45 degrees. When turned 30 degrees, the plow’s rubber guard lies flush against the ice rink board.

The plow has a mechanical horizontal oscillation of +/-4 degrees.


Weight with Trima-coupler:490 kg
Width:3000 mm
Rotation angle:45 degrees, both left and right.
Machine weight:Up to 6000 kg
Goal lifter:Yes

We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice and for any incorrect information.

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