Ice Ripper

Siljum Ice Ripper is designed for particularly icy road conditions where a regular cutting blade is not enough. The ice ripper can, for example, be used along streets or cycle paths where the ice is often thick and unmanageable. The plow can also be used for grading of earth and other suitable materials.

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Siljum Ice Ripper is a very flexible piece of machinery. The hydraulic functions allow for easy positioning of the ice ripping blade during plowing.

Horizontal motion
The mechanical and hydraulic horizontal motion allow you to position and tilt the plow from + 8° to -8°.

Lateral displacement
The lateral displacement allows you to offset the Ice Ripper blades by 375 mm, either to the left or right. The displacement function comes fully into its own when the ice ripper blade is rotated to a maximum. This prevents the excavated ice masses from falling underneath the wheels of the wheel loader.

Adjustable ripper angle
The cutting edge angle can easily be altered from 36° forward to 25° backward angles. This makes, among other things, the ripping blade sharper and easier to maintain.

Shock valves
The hydraulic functions are equipped with shock valves. For driver safety, the hydraulic tilt function of the blade is equipped with an adjustable shock valve. The swing cylinders are equipped with fixed shock valves.

Ice ripping, plowing and grading
Together, the tilt function of the cutting edge and the removable weight box make this machine very useful for a variety of purposes. In winter, it can be used as an ice ripper and snow plow. During the rest of the year, it can for example be used for earthmoving and ground levelling.


  • Siljum Ice Ripper comes with a BM mount available in two sizes as standard – 3.2 m and 3.7 m.
  • The weight box is available as an optional accessory.
  • This can also be combined with an undercarriage and side wing plow.


Weight, Ice ripper 3,3 m:1.5 ton
Weight, Ice ripper 3,3 m HD:1.7 ton
Weight, Ice ripper 3,7 m:1.8 ton
Weight, Ice ripper 3,7 m HD:2.0 ton
Height:840 mm
Lateral displacement:Up to 375 mm.
Ripper angle:From 36° forward to 25° backward.
Horizontal motion:From + 8° to -8°.
Machine weight:Up to 12 tons

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