Ice Ripper

Siljum Ice Ripper is designed for particularly icy road conditions where a regular cutting blade is not enough. The ice ripper can, for example, be used along streets or cycle paths where the ice is often thick and unmanageable. The plow can also be used for grading of earth and other suitable materials.


  • Siljum Ice Ripper is a very flexible piece of machinery.
  • Easy positioning of the ice ripping blade during plowing.
  • Simple and smooth ice ripping
  • Equipped with shock valves and single-acting cylinders.
  • Can be equipped with multi-wings, which means that it is easy to push the snow even past the walkway.
  • The wings can be angled 90 degrees backwards and 70 degrees forwards.
  • The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion.
  • The standard models have the cylinder dimensions 80/50 for the wings and 95/80 for the turn.
  • The HD models have the cylinder dimensions 110/63 for the wings and 115/90 for the turn.


  • The weight box is available as an optional accessory.
  • This can also be combined with a side wing plow (same as for the Multi Snow Bucket).


Siljum Ice ripper is available in two versions. Plow widths 3.4 meters and 3.7 meters respectively.

ProductWidthWeightMachine weightHeight
Ice ripper3400 mm2,4 tonsUp to 12 tons840 mm
Ice ripper HD3400 mm2,6 tonsOver 12 tons840 mm
Ice ripper3700 mm2,6 tonsUp to 12 tons840 mm
Ice ripper HD3700 mm2,8 tonsOver 12 tons840 mm
Ice ripper*3700 mm3,1 tonsUp to 12 tons840 mm
Ice ripper HD*3700 mm+2300 mm3,3 tonsOver 12 tons840 mm

*= Spring loaded wing 1200 mm can be attached on both left and right side.

We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice and for any incorrect information.


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