Multi Snow Bucket 1.4 - 2.1 D-edition

Our Multi Snow Buckets are very popular with drivers, contractors and customers alike thanks to their flexibility and adjustable valves. This Multi Snow Bucket makes light and easy work of all snow clearing tasks.


Our Multi Snow Bucket 1.4 – 2.1 D-edition with spring-loaded wings is available in four models:

MS 1.4, MS 1.7, MS 1.9 and MS 2.1.


  • Siljum Multi Snow Buckets are all equipped with two wings of MC 650 material.
  • The spring mechanism of the wings is patented.
  • Wings measure 850 mm in width and 670 mm in height.
  • Vertical lift capacity is around 160 mm.
  • Wings rotate up to +/-15 degrees.

Crossover valve

Siljum Multi Snow Buckets are equipped with crossover valve that protects bucket / wings when clearing snow both forwards and backwards.


Manoeuvring is by 2 operating hoses and an electric valve or a clutch block with 4 operating hoses.


MS 1.4, MS 1.7, MS 1.9 and MS 2.1 D-edition are compatible with most tool mounting brackets on today’s market.


VolumeWidthTotal widthHeightWeightMachine weight
1,4 m31,85 m3,6 m1,0 m560 kg4 - 6 tons
1,7 m32,2 m3,9 m1,0 m600 kg5,5 - 9 tons
1,9 m32,5 m4,2 m1,0 m695 kg6 - 9 tons
2,1 m32,7 m4,4 m1,05 m750 kg6,5 - 9 tons

We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice and for any incorrect information.


Watch a movie about Multi Snow Bucket D-edition:

Snow clearing with Siljum Multi Snow Bucket:

Snow clearing with Siljum Ice ripper and Siljum Multi Snow Bucket:

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