Multi Snow Bucket D-edition

Our Multi Snow Buckets are very popular with drivers, contractors and customers alike thanks to their flexibility and adjustable valves. The Multi Snow Bucket makes light and easy work of snow clearing. The Multi Snow Bucket D-edition is available in sizes from 2,2 to 7 cubic meters.


The Multi Snow Bucket D-edition has two individually controlled side flaps, which are easily controlled from the cab. To prevent damage during collision, the flaps are equipped with a shock valve. In addition, the bucket and side flaps are provided with reversible wear steel edges.

Multi Snow Bucket D-edition:

  • Is superior in snow clearing streets, roads, parking lots, courtyards, schools, sports venues and industrial areas.
  • Thanks to its flexibility, it is ideal for clearing both narrow spaces and large areas.
  • The design means that no annoying snow strands are left behind.
  • Enables you to steer the snow exactly where you want it.
  • Has side flaps that are hydraulically and individually controlled from the cab.
  • This gives you the opportunity to weigh in for fixed obstacles without changing direction or losing speed.
  • Is a very flexible and robust tool.
  • Has hundreds of satisfied users both in Sweden and internationally.
  • Gives you satisfied customers because the snow removal is neat, professional and efficient.

Multi Snow Bucket D-edition:

  • Has the entire flap height-adjustable. This makes it possible to place the flaps on the pavement and at the same time have the bucket steel cutting edge against the street.
  • Can be tilted up about 40 cm at the back and has the flaps forward and still plowing clean. Therefore it gives the advantage that it is less sensitive how to angle the bucket to the ground.
  • Distributes the wear on the steel as the flaps spring for bumps.
  • Has spring-loaded, height-adjustable wings for the multi bucket.

Product highlights:

  • Patented spring-loaded wing solution.
  • Soft and smooth driving.
  • End position damping cylinders.
  • 2 accumulators + shock valves.
  • Electric valve or 4 hose system.
  • Adapted for bucket or road cutter edge steel.


  • Patented wing in MC 650 material.
  • 1200 mm wide and 780 mm high.
  • Vertical lift height about 160 mm.
  • Can rotate up to + -15 degrees.
  • Prepared for throwing plates.

Crossover valve

Siljum Multi Snow Buckets are equipped with crossover valve that protects bucket / wings when clearing snow both forwards and backwards.


Accumulator 1 l/30 bar is connected to each cylinder.


Operation with a two hose system and electric valve or a four hose system and hydraulic block.

Cutting edges

The bucket has a combined base cutting edge which is adapted for both bucket and road steel cutting edges with 305 mm hole pitch.

Asymmetrical bucket cutting edges is available which protects the hinge sleeves from wear.


The buckets are prepared for screw-adjustable elevation kits.


VolumeWidthTotal widthHeightWeightMachine weight
2,2 m32,5 m4,9 m1,25 m1200 kg8-10 tons
2,5 m32,8 m5,2 m1,25 m1250 kg9-15 tons
3,5 m32,8 m5,2 m1,25 m1300 kg9-17 tons
4,0 m33,2 m5,6 m1,25 m1450 kg12-17 tons
4,2 m33,0 m5,4 m1,25 m1400 kg11-18 tons
4,8 m33,0 m5,4 m1,6 m1550 kg14-22 tons
5,0 m33,2 m5,6 m1,6 m1700 kg14-22 tons
7,0 m33,4 m5,8 m1,8 m14-22 tons

We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice and for any incorrect information.


Watch a movie about Multi Snow Bucket D-edition:

Snow clearing with Siljum Multi Snow Bucket:

Snow clearing with Siljum Ice ripper and Siljum Multi Snow Bucket:

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