Multi Snow Bucket Basic

Our Multi Snow Buckets are very popular with drivers, contractors and customers alike thanks to their flexibility and adjustable valves. The Multi Snow Bucket makes light and easy work of snow clearing. Siljum Multi Snow Bucket Basic is of a simpler design than our other Multi Snow Buckets.


Our Multi Snow Bucket Basic is available in nine different sizes.

Product benefits:
  • Patented Springy Loader Bucket Wing (2*915 mm)
  • Smooth and responsive manoeuvring
  • Hydraulic damping cylinders
  • 1 accumulator + shock valves (block only)
  • Electric valve or 4 operating hoses (4 hose lines)
  • Base blades adapted for loader bucket wear plates and steel road plates.


  • Our Multi Snow Bucket Basic is reinforced with 650 MC high-strength structural steel
  • Wings measuring 915 mm in width and 750 mm in height.
  • Vertical lift capacity of 160 mm.
  • Rotatable to +/-15 degrees.

Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders 63* 40 – 550 mm


Common accumulator 1 litre, 30 bar pressure and shock valve 100 bar pressure centrally positioned


Manoeuvring is done with 2 operating hoses and an electric valve or a clutch block and 4 operating hoses.


Combined base blade adapted for loader bucket wear plates and steel road plates with 305 mm hole pitch. Asymmetrical bucket wear plates for the protection of bushings are also available.


Loader buckets compatible with screw-type raise kits.


VolumeWidthTotal widthHeightWeightMachine weight
2,2 m32,5 m4,9 m1,25 m1050 kg8-10 tons
2,5 m32,8 m5,2 m1,25 m1100 kg9-15 tons
3,5 m32,8 m5,2 m1,25 m1200 kg9-17 tons
4,0 m33,2 m5,6 m1,25 m1350 kg12-17 tons
4,2 m33,0 m5,4 m1,25 m1300 kg11-18 tons
4,8 m33,0 m5,4 m1,6 m1450 kg14-22 tons
5,0 m33,2 m5,6 m1,6 m1600 kg14-22 tons
7,0 m33,4 m5,8 m1,8 m14-22 tons
9,0 m33,9 m6,3 m2,0 m18-22 tons

We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice and for any incorrect information.


Watch a movie about Multi Snow Bucket D-edition:

Snow clearing with Siljum Multi Snow Bucket:

Snow clearing with Siljum Ice ripper and Siljum Multi Snow Bucket:

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