Multi Snow Plough 5000 X-LINE

The Multi Snow Plough 5000 X-Line is part of Siljum’s state-of-the-art Multi Plough X-Line series. The multi ploughs in this series feature a curved blade for efficient and precise snow clearing.

Our X-Line series multi ploughs are all equipped with Siljum’s patented spring-loaded wings which allows for one wing to plough the pavement whilst the middle section continues to plough the road.


Benefits of Siljum Multi Snow Plough 5000 X-Line:

  • Siljum Multi Snow Plough 5000 X-Line is a smooth working, highly functional and reliable snow plough.
  • The snow flow is optimised according to requirements and weight.
  • The spring-loaded wings allow for simultaneous ploughing of pavements and roads, increasing efficiency and profitability.
  • The spring-loaded wings are based on a patented solution.
  • All hydraulics are located in a hydraulic box on the upper web plate. In this way, the plough’s hydraulics are protected and easily serviced.
  • The Multi Snow Plough 5000 X-Line is the largest of our multi ploughs in the X-Line series.
  • Siljum Multi Snow Plough can cope with the most demanding snow clearing tasks where size and performance are of paramount importance.


Width:Middle sectionWingMin. totalMax. total
3050 mm1220 mm3500 mm5500 mm
Weight:2500 kg
Machine size:L50-L90

We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice and for any incorrect information.


Watch a movie about our smaller Multi plough 4000 X-Line:

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