Multi Snow Plow 3000

Siljum Multi Snow Plow 3000 is a plow blade that offers high flexibility when used together with a smaller utility machine or agricultural tractor weighing max. 7,000 kg.


The Multi Snow Plow 3000 consists of a middle section with a spring-loaded lathe tool holder of steel that reduces the risk of injuries and damages to driver and machine. If softer springs are needed, the lathe tool holder can be cut in half into 2 individual spring-loaded lathe tool holders.

Machine characteristics

  • The hydraulically controlled wings swing out 175 degrees and are equipped with a safety system and anti-shock valves that make the wings swing back if colliding with an obstacle.
  • The plough blade swings out 37 degrees with a horizontal oscillation of 10 degrees to either side.
  • Plow blade angle on road is 15 degrees.
  • Operational area of plow blade is 1,800 – 3,930 mm.
  • Plow blade is fitted with rubber sheeting to prevent injuries and promote smooth operation in addition to which, the wings are fitted with replaceable blade stops.
  • Siljum Multi Snow Plow 3000 is also available with a conical shape right wing which throws the snow clear off the plow more easily. Planning where to plow and how to best use the wings will ensure trouble-free and efficient plowing of large areas.
  • Proven construction since 2005. There are about 900 plows currently on the market.
  • This is a smooth-working functional plow.
  • Snow flow performance is according to requirements and weight.

Optional attachments and accessories

  • Siljum Multi Snow Plow 3000 comes as standard with a TRIMA attachment but other optional attachments are also available.
  • Accessories: Spring-loaded wing and wing extension.
  • Optional mechanical float mode.


ModelMiddle sectionWingMin. widthMax. widthPlow weight
MP 3000*2100 mm915 mm2500 mm3930 mm1,0 ton
MP 3000*2100 mm850 mm2500 mm3800 mm1,0 ton
Machine weight:Up to 7 tons.

* = Accessories: Siljum Multi Snow Bucket spring-loaded wing and wing extension. The spring-loaded wings measure 780 mm in height, exclusive of optional wing extensions.


We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice and for any incorrect information.


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