Multi Snow Plow M-LINE

Siljum’s new snow plow series is M-line and is built in modules. It is of the highest quality and has leading properties just like our other Multi Snow Plows. The modular solution is based on a modern design that has resulted in a robust plow with high flexibility at an attractive price.

The plow has for two seasons been tested and evaluated by different users in urban environments and in rural areas. In total, they have accumulated around 800 plow hours during these seasons.

M-Line is available in four different sizes and designs, from 4 to 4.6 and 5 meters plow width and with a number of options. Read more under the tab technical data.


Benefits of Siljum Multi Snow Plow M-Line:

  • Siljum Multi Snow M-Line is a smooth working, highly functional and reliable snow plow.
  • The plow is modular, which gives great flexibility.
  • The snow flow is optimised according to requirements and weight.
  • The plow middle section has a turning radius of +/- 45 degrees and has a horizontal oscillation of +/- 10 degrees. The wings has a turning radius of 175 degrees.
  • Accessories: Spring-loaded wing (same as Multi Snow Bucket) and wing extension.
  • Optional: mechanical float mode.

Technical data

Product:Mid section:Wing:Width min:Width max:Weight:Machine weight:
2140 light2240 mm910 mm2500 mm4000 mm1,2 tonUp to 7,5 tons
2140 HD2240 mm910 mm2500 mm4000 mm1,7 tonUp to 15 tons
2546*2500 mm910 mm2900 mm4400 mm***2,1 ton10-18 tons
25502500 mm1220 mm**2900 mm5000 mm2,4 ton10-18 tons

* = Equipped with wing extension, not a spring-loaded wing.

** = Spring-loaded wing (same as Multi Snow Bucket) and wing extension can be ordered.

*** = With end-bent steel, the width will be 4600 mm.

We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice and for any incorrect information.

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