Tornado Snow Plough

Siljum Tornado Snow Plough is the ultimate snow clearing machine, its cutting angle and special design allowing for a fast and flawless result.

Our Tornado Snow Plough comes in two designs – Straight or Conical.


Benefits of Siljum Tornado Plough:

The plough works through the snow quickly and easily

Siljum Tornado Snow Plough is very easy to handle in the snow thanks to the plough angle (50° towards the road) and the special design of the cutting blade which rotates the snow out of the blade.

Tornado Straight/Tornado Conical

Siljum Tornado Snow Plough is available in two different designs. The Tornado Straight is best suited for ploughing in less accessible areas such as near house walls and along fences. The Tornado Conical is our preferred choice for regular ploughing along roads as its conical design offers optimum disposal of snow masses plus it does not leave any snow lines behind when clearing snow around poles and along fences and walls.

Two-way snow ploughingThe hydraulic diagonal setting means that the snow can be ploughed in two different directions thus giving a high utilization rate.

Adapts to road gradient

The horizontal oscillation allows for the plough to smoothly and easily adapt to the road gradient.

Collision avoidance system

Siljum Tornado Snow Plough is available with two types of collision avoidance systems:

  • Link system: The link system is a tried and tested collision avoidance system. When there is an obstruction in the road, the cutting blade rolls backwards/upwards and lifts over the obstacle. We recommend the link system for regular road ploughing.
  • Multi-bladed system: This new collision avoidance system from Siljum means that the plough is fitted with multiple cutting blades. When the road surface is uneven, the cutting blade that hits an obstacle will spring back and once the obstacle has passed, forward again to its normal position. The multi-bladed system works well for all types of snow ploughing but comes into its own in difficult ploughing conditions such as around curbs, across protruding manhole covers, etc.Tornado Snow Ploughs with this type of collision avoidance system are also suitable for use with slush blades.


Tornado Straight

Tornado 3700RL
(Link system)
50-L 1203700 mm1000 mm1000 kg
Tornado 3700RK
(Multi-bladed system)
50-L 1203700 mm1000 mm1000 kg
Tornado 4000RL
(Link system)
50-L 1204000 mm1200 mm1200 kg

Tornado Conical

Tornado 3700KL
(Link system)
50-L 1203700/4300 mm850/1400 mm1200 kg
Tornado 3700KK
(Multi-bladed system)
50-L 1203700/4300 mm850/1400 mm1200 kg
Tornado 4000KL
(Link system)
50-L 1204000/4600 mm850/1400 mm1250 kg

We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice and for any incorrect information.

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